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How To Create a Web Designer/Developer Resume

A Guide to creating a great resume for a career in web design or web development. Want to get a job in IT, web design, web development or some type of marketing or social media related job? Then get a domain and start your own website or blog. That’s one of the things I look […]

How Creating My Own SEO/Portfolio Blog Made Me Successful

How Creating My Own SEO/Portfolio Blog Made Me Successful This isn’t necessarily a “How-To” but this article does include some solid points to keep in mind for promoting yourself to get more clients, a better job or to connect with other like minded people in the SEO field. My particular journey started about a year […]

Checking Visitor Resolution – A PHP and Javascript Solution

Got a certain format you would like to display for higher or lower resolution visitors? Read on… So, I had a client come to me and ask if it were possible to make it so his photography based website would look optimal on the Apple iPad. Since his site was built with 980 pixels wide […]

Capturing Salesforce (web-to-lead) Leads with PHP

How do you email a salesforce lead upon web-to-lead creation? One of my clients asked for the ability to email Salesforce leads at the time of lead creation from a form on our website. This sounded simple, but I discovered was far from it. Salesforce has the capability for generating leads from an online form […]

The Need For Customized Reporting

Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools and SalesForce are all fine and good, but I needed a way to tie everything together. So, relying on my background in PHP and mySQL I set out to create a customized reporting system that ties Google, SalesForce and my SEO reports together. Getting started with the Google API Using […]

How Important Is a Sitemap.xml File?

Do you really need a sitemap.xml file on your site? Is it a necessity? Should you even care about having one for your site? It depends. As a general rule though, yes you should always have a sitemap.xml file for each of your sites. They help to make sure all your important pages on your […]

How Your Website’s Programming Errors and Downtime Affects Rankings

New Video from Matt Cutts on How a Site’s Downtime Affects Ranking A couple of days ago Matt got a question about what would happen if a website went down for a day, a couple of days or even longer. If you watch the video above Matt explains that if a site is down, Google […]

Multi-Regional and Multilingual Sites Common Questions

Multi-Regional and Multilingual Sites Recently, I have been tasked with adding French and German translations for one of my client’s sites. So, after some digging into best practices I came across this document found on Google webmaster central: Multi-regional and multilingual sites. Google has some solid recommendations on best practices for internationalizing and regionalizing content. […]

W3C Validator Test

Ok, everyone! Time to test if your site is W3C valid. Just mosey on over to and test your site (and subpages, while you are at it) to see if your site is valid. What is W3C validation? Well, according to WikiPedia, it is: The Markup Validation Service by the World Wide Web Consortium […]


Third time I hope is the charm.  Lost all data again due to a worm thanks to WordPress and GoDaddy.  Hopefully, this time everything will be fine.  High hopes this site will be completed by the weekend ends.

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