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Capturing Salesforce (web-to-lead) Leads with PHP

How do you email a salesforce lead upon web-to-lead creation? One of my clients asked for the ability to email Salesforce leads at the time of lead creation from a form on our website. This sounded simple, but I discovered was far from it. Salesforce has the capability for generating leads from an online form […]

The Need For Customized Reporting

Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools and SalesForce are all fine and good, but I needed a way to tie everything together. So, relying on my background in PHP and mySQL I set out to create a customized reporting system that ties Google, SalesForce and my SEO reports together. Getting started with the Google API Using […]

SEO Tactics for Passing Your Competitors in SERPS

Here’s a little tactic for helping your website get over that SERP hump. So you website is ranking extremely well for your main keyword, yet you aren’t quite at the top of the search engines yet. For our purposes, let’s say you have a site that is ranking #2 in Google for “gold widgets”. Your […]

How Important Is a Sitemap.xml File?

Do you really need a sitemap.xml file on your site? Is it a necessity? Should you even care about having one for your site? It depends. As a general rule though, yes you should always have a sitemap.xml file for each of your sites. They help to make sure all your important pages on your […]

Just How Popular Is That Password or Username You Have Been Using?

Awesome Tag Cloud of Common Usernames and Passwords From the Dragon Research Group ( comes a really nifty tag cloud of common usernames and passwords people use. Check it out at Among the most popular are: usernames: root admin oracle test user guest passwords: 123456 password qwerty test 12345 1234 123 funniest popular username: […]

How Your Website’s Programming Errors and Downtime Affects Rankings

New Video from Matt Cutts on How a Site’s Downtime Affects Ranking A couple of days ago Matt got a question about what would happen if a website went down for a day, a couple of days or even longer. If you watch the video above Matt explains that if a site is down, Google […]

Twitter’s New Tweet Button is TWEETACULAR: A How To Guide!

How to Customize the Twitter Tweet Button for WordPress Blogs Twitter recently came out with a button similar to Facebook’s “Like button” (move over Facebook). The Tweet Button is “a small widget which allows users to easily share your website with their followers.” (Twitter dev page) A user clicks on the Tweet Button and is […]

Questions/Demands to Ask an SEO Agency/Consultant Before Buying

Questions/Demands to Ask an SEO Professional/Consultant Before Doing Any Business I’ve been involved with search engine optimization for a number of years. Through the years i’ve managed to compile a lot of questions clients have asked about SEO before they hired me. I’ve also seen a lot of clients NOT ask the right questions. Typically, […]

What Are the Best Tools For SEO?

Today I was discussing this very topic with some fellow colleagues who are search engine optimization consultants. We were all pretty curious as to what tools each used for external SEO. Our discussions were focused on purely off-site, organic, manual SEO efforts. In no particular order our accumulated list is: backlink checker Google Webmaster Tools […]

SEO TIP of the Day #2 – Better to Launch a Site as Soon as Possible?

Today’s tip comes compliments of a client who asked if she should go ahead and register her domain and put up a “Coming Soon” page or wait until all the necessary work was completed before launching her site. While every client’s needs are different and there can be extenuating circumstances, it is generally the best […]

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