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How Creating My Own SEO/Portfolio Blog Made Me Successful

How Creating My Own SEO/Portfolio Blog Made Me Successful This isn’t necessarily a “How-To” but this article does include some solid points to keep in mind for promoting yourself to get more clients, a better job or to connect with other like minded people in the SEO field. My particular journey started about a year […]

Destroying the SEO Myth: SEO is NOT Just Marketing

Educating the masses about what SEO really is So, I came across this pic today: I’m not really sure where it originated from but I saw it on a popular web design forum I frequent where the poster used the pic during a conversation about social media jobs. I know (or at least hope) that […]

First Impressions With the RockMelt Browser

How Does the RockMelt Browser Stack Up? I got my hands on a RockMelt invite today and did a quick download and install. All my FireFox history and bookmarks were copied over as well. The entire process was quick and easy. Upon opening RockMelt I instantly liked the layout. There’s a quick guided tour via […]

ChatRoulette and the Future of Realtime Communication

Many people are familiar with the video web cam centric site Created last year by Russian teen Andrey Ternovskiy, Chatroulette has garnered a lot of press in the past year and reached its apex of popularity at the beginning of 2010. For those who aren’t familiar with ChatRoulette, it’s a website that allows two […]

Twitter’s New Tweet Button is TWEETACULAR: A How To Guide!

How to Customize the Twitter Tweet Button for WordPress Blogs Twitter recently came out with a button similar to Facebook’s “Like button” (move over Facebook). The Tweet Button is “a small widget which allows users to easily share your website with their followers.” (Twitter dev page) A user clicks on the Tweet Button and is […]

What Are the Best Tools For SEO?

Today I was discussing this very topic with some fellow colleagues who are search engine optimization consultants. We were all pretty curious as to what tools each used for external SEO. Our discussions were focused on purely off-site, organic, manual SEO efforts. In no particular order our accumulated list is: backlink checker Google Webmaster Tools […]

Old Spice Social Media Ad Campaign is FULL OF WIN

Old Spice has taken the success of their Old Spice Man commercials to a new level. On July 13th, Old Spice began a new ad campaign on YouTube featuring the shirtless guy from the TV commercials filming personalized responses to fans on Twitter, YouTube and a few other sites. On Old Spice’s YouTube page ( […]

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