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How to Get a New Site Indexed in Google, Quickly!

So, you have a site and are waiting for Google to see your website so others can too? I’ve had clients come to me with websites they have had “live” for months but still hadn’t been indexed in Google’s Search. What do I mean by having your website “indexed” in Google? It’s pretty simple! If […]

Best Practices for Ranking Images Highly in Google

Here’s Some Tips to Help You Out With Getting Those Images Ranked Highly in Google Got a great site and it’s ranked highly for competitive keywords? Great! What if your site has many very important images that could help your business or site if they were ranked highly in Google for your keywords? Would that […]

Should You Utilize the “nofollow” Attribute For External Links On Your Site?

According to Matt Cutts, no. Matt states that adding “nofollow” to your internal links could negatively limit the flow of Page Rank on your site and even potentially cause unforeseen consequences. Personally, I typically add “nofollow” to pages I don’t necessarily want Page Rank to flow through to and also to keep certain pages from […]

Multi-Regional and Multilingual Sites Common Questions

Multi-Regional and Multilingual Sites Recently, I have been tasked with adding French and German translations for one of my client’s sites. So, after some digging into best practices I came across this document found on Google webmaster central: Multi-regional and multilingual sites. Google has some solid recommendations on best practices for internationalizing and regionalizing content. […]

W3C Validator Test

Ok, everyone! Time to test if your site is W3C valid. Just mosey on over to and test your site (and subpages, while you are at it) to see if your site is valid. What is W3C validation? Well, according to WikiPedia, it is: The Markup Validation Service by the World Wide Web Consortium […]

SEO TIP of the Day #1

Which is better for SEO? A domain named “” or “”? Short and dirty answer is: Which ever one is better for your visitors to read. So, do you think your visitors would better click and respond to the domain without hypens? or with the hypens? That’s really up to you to decide. Having the […]

Is the Google AdWords Keyword Tool Accurate In Its Traffic Reporting?

Google’s AdWords keyword tool gives an estimate of search traffic for a specific (or broad) keyword. In a recent video from Matt Cutts on the GoogleWebmasterHelp YouTube channel, Matt explains that the far majority of traffic to most websites is natural.

Is Content the King of SEO?

So, just how much does content play in on ranking? Does Google weigh the value of your content and determine based on that content how highly your site should be ranked in its search engine for specific keywords? Well, that depends.

It’s (Finally) Official – Google Caffeine Goes LIVE!

Word out of the Google Blog camp yesterday finally brings us word that the all-mighty Google Caffeine update, which has been in the works for almost a year, is finally live. Now live across all data centers, Google proclaim of the completion of it’s algorithm update: “Caffeine provides 50 percent fresher results for web searches […]

Reactions to the Google I/O 2010 – SEO site advice from the experts video

Matt Cutts just released this video a couple of days ago. It includes a number of sites that people have recommended to Matt for an SEO optimization. Pretty good stuff. What I really found interesting was his review of the WordPress site that was hit by a virus. Since I recently had to deal with […]

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