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Do you guarantee your search engine optimization services?

According to the Google Guidelines for Webmasters, no one can technically “guarantee” search engine rankings. The rankings are determined by sophisticated and incredibly complex algorithms that are engineered by the search engine companies. No SEO firm has control over the algorithms and not even the most talented or experienced web guru can guarantee results. I analyze the best keyword phrases you should use for your business and determine based on competitor analysis just how easy or how difficult it will be to rank highly for those keyword phrases.

How long will SEO take before my website is on the top of search engine searches?

This is typically not a quick or easy process. However, an analysis of your website, your competitor websites and the determination of the optimum set of keywords to use for your business will typically give a clear indication of time and effort needed before top rankings are achieved. It takes time, dedication, persistence and financial commitment to get to the top of the search engines! The end result is well worth it. The time frame varies from a month to a year or more. Thankfully there are other ways to generate traffic to your site during your waiting stage; for example Pay-Per-Click campaigns.

How much money can I save each month by having my website ranked at the top of search engines?

It is common for companies to save anywhere from 25% to 75% of their monthly or yearly online marketing budget after a successful SEO campaign. Many companies can signficantly scale back the amount they spend on pay-per-click advertising, pay-per-impression advertising, direct marketing, trade show costs and cold calling. Results vary and are completely dependent on your marketing budget and the nature of your web based business.

What factors dictate how quickly my site gets to the top of search results?

Different factors determine the time it takes to achieve your top rankings, such as:

  • The competition surrounding your key word phrases
  • The age of your website and the age of your competitor websites
  • Where your site currently ranks for optimum keyword phrases
  • Your website structure and content on your website
  • Your presence online


When will I start to ROI from SEO?

I provide every customer with an estimate on how long it will take to see a return of investment. Some clients see results immediately while others see a significant ROI after just a few months. Once your website begins to be ranked very highly for your keyword phrases the traffic, leads and conversions will come at a consistent and increasingly rate.

What will it cost me to stay on top of the search engines?

The amount of your monthly maintenance spend depends entirely upon your goals and your budget. SEO is an ongoing process. I typically offer my clients a monthly maintenance package if I feel their website needs it. Some websites need very little continual maintenance to keep their high rankings in search engines while others need continual SEO to maintain rankings. I monitor keywords on a daily basis for all of my clients. If I see rankings begin to dip or traffic begin to decrease then I immediately contact that client and offer my analysis and proposed SEO.

Can I start seeing an ROI before I get to the top of the results?

The best way to generate leads to your website prior to reaching the top of the search engines naturally is through Pay-Per-Click services such as Yahoo! Overture and Google Adwords. Most of our clients begin generating revenue from their web sites even before they reach the top of the search engines using paid advertising methods and through other marketing efforts such as email newsletters and Pay-Per-Click. Social Media campaigns are also a great way of getting immediate ROI.

Should I buy into the many offers I get to optimize my website?

Be careful what you buy into. I use only ethical SEO techniques to build and maintain your site. There are a wide range of techniques that are frowned upon by the major search engines. These SEO techniques can get you banned from search results all together. These include “Black Hat” techniques such as: Cloaking, spamming, Automatic submissions and Misleading links. Contact me and I can give you a free report on your website and needs to rank well in search engines for your most important keyword phrases.

What is Pay Per Click?

Pay Per Click (PPC) is a marketing strategy where you pay for advertising on search engines and relevant, popular websites. PPC means you only pay when someone clicks on a link to your site. Generally you will give websites or search engines a blurb about your business with a link back to your website. PPC is a great resource for generating leads as well as determining if certain keywords and websites are worth advertising for and building SEO around.

What is Social Media Marketing?

The new age of marketing now finds a few hub – social networks. Through social media you can get instantly connected to your target audiences through innovative and interactive marketing campaigns. Expanding your online presence through social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, forums and other blogs is a great way to get new visitors, build SEO for your website and get qualified leads.

What is Search Engine Marketing?

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is one of the many tools used to get your website noticed online. Different than SEO, SEM involves strategically getting your website noticed on search engines and relevent websites, forums and blogs through paid ads. A SEM campaign targets major search engines by using tools such as Google Adwords, Adsense, Yahoo! Search Marketing.

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