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SEO is not an ugly word. Your website in the right hands, can rocket you to the top of search engines for your valuable keywords.

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Most people have a good idea of how search engines work. Millions of searches are performed daily for information on products, services and entertainment. Every major search engine works by displaying websites or other content based on what the user is searching for. Search engines attempt to find the websites that are most relevant to the search phrase.

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Anyone who has launched their own website knows that marketing is not an easy endeavor.

Most simply ask:

“How do I get people to notice my website?”

There are a few ways to market your website, product or service online.

SEO is the art of enhancing a website by optimizing content, images, videos, hosting, HTML, scripts and more, to support a set of specific keywords and phrases to increase a website’s rank across search engines. SEO is simply any process that increases the relevance of a website to major search engines.

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How SEO Works

Natural or “organic” results are returned when you use a search service like Google, Bing or Yahoo. These organic listings will appear directly below non-organic or “paid” search results which typically appear above the organic results.

The screen shot to the right shows search results for “data center management”. As you can see, appears in the #1 place directly under the paid Google ads. Getting to the #1 natural spot in Google was a product of search engine optimization. The listings directly above the organic listing are ads other companies have paid for. In contrast, whenever appears at the top of the organic listings, it is free.

Research shows that only a limited percentage of web traffic is brought to most websites through directly typing the URL into a browser. Most traffic is brought by searches that are performed in search engines. Getting websites ranked highly for their most important keyword phrases is a practice I excel in.

I strive to get all my clients to rank toward the top of the search engines for their most important keywords. Since most people who search for something typically only read through the first or second page of results returned on a search, my goal is to get all keywords of importance to my clients to rank on the first page of Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Getting to the top of search engines adds credibility and authority to your business and allows visitors to instantly connect with your company. It can take a while for websites to rank well for keywords but the rewards can be dramatic and easily measurable.

It’s important for any online business to address their potential needs for SEO as well as other online marketing strategies like PPC, direct advertising and social media campaigns

If you want to know more about SEO feel free to visit my SEO FAQ page or contact me with any questions.

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