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What is SEM? In essence, it’s the purchase of advertising on search engines, social networks and some directories. Every major search engine, directory and social network has some form of PPC or impression based advertising that companies can purchase to promote their websites.

Most large social networks, search engines and directories primarily make money from offering some type of ad-based or placement-based advertising. Google makes over 90% of its money from offering PPC based advertising called Adwords.

Whatever your company’s budget is for advertising, search engine marketing should represent a large percentage of that spend.

Advertising on search engines, directories and social networking sites can provide tremendous returns. However, setting up accounts for your business on these sites/networks and optimizing for great returns is definitely no easy task. I specialize in optimizing campaigns on many various search engines and networks to provide the best return for your company’s marketing budget.

“SEM is an art form that few fully understand and even fewer are able to master.”

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My services include the following:

  • Assisting with helping identify the best keyword phrases to use for promoting your website.
  • Helping identify the right search engines, directories and social networks to advertise your company with.
  • Constant analyzing keyword and ad performance and optimizing based on reports.
  • Link building campaigns and submission services that help advertise your brand and services while also assisting with the organic promotion of your website on search engines and social networks.
  • Coordinating SEM tactics and campaigns with other online marketing spends for greatest return.

I strive for maximum exposure for all my clients’ websites using the latest approved methods and tactics. I help identify the best solution and the appropriate websites, directories and networks to advertise with and assist you with establishing an appropriate budget.

If you want to know more about SEM please send me an email by visiting the contact me page.

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