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Las Vegas SEO and Los Angeles SEO Expert

I'm one of the best for Las Vegas SEO & Los Angeles SEO Director, SEO expert in corporate search engine optimization and internet marketing.

Las Vegas SEO Consultant & Las Vegas Web Design. | rackwise frame images

For Rackwise I was tasked with the creation of the new website. I also manage various SEO, social and marketing campaigns.

Las Vegas SEO, Las Vegas web developer. | volvemedia frame image

Volvemedia is an Orlando based web design agency. They came to me for design, branding and SEO related advice and services.

Los Angeles SEO/Los Angeles Search Engine Optimization. | paydayfinder frame image

I created the branding, design & layout and have performed SEO related campaigns that have made PayDayFinder a top 30 ranked site.

Boca Raton SEO & Ft. Lauderdale SEO. | pureoflow frame image

I did a redesign for as well as rebranding of the popular water filtration company. The website is still in development.

Las Vegas SEO and Los Angeles seo Consultant. | oneluvagency frame image

I converted from Flash to CSS/HTML. The purpose for the conversion was for search engine optimization.

Google to Include Disavow Button Soon

In Seattle recently at a SMX Advanced Q&A event, Matt Cutts let it slip (or perhaps intentionally) that Google was working on a disavow button which will be included in Google’s Webmaster Tools. This tool will supposedly allow users to manually “unlink” back links to a website. So, if you have back links from websites […]

Manual Article Spinning How-To for SEO

How to spin articles in a post-Panda Google world With the rise of Google’s Panda, manual article spinning doesn’t quite have the effect it once had. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that manual spinning of original articles does not have value. In this article you’ll find useful information on how to manually spin articles along […]

My New Position – Vice President of Online Marketing for iS3

For the past year I’ve been gainfully employed and extremely happy with the guys over at and the Spearmint Rhino. While at Zexzoo I handled all the marketing related duties and responsibilities for the site which is a hybrid daily deals and social media website. Working on the site was extremely rewarding and I […]

What to Look for When Buying A Website or Domain for SEO

So, let’s say you are in the market for a new website, domain, or maybe you have a client that wants SEO for his business and sells a type of product or service that would benefit from a keyword rich domain name. Whatever the reason, it’s usually a very very good idea first to go […]

Cutts Asks What Cool Features Google Should Add In 2012. I Answer.

Mr. Cutts over at the Goog posted a thread on his blog asking people to chime in on what features or changes they would like to see in the new year from Google. Read his blog post here. Here’s a sampling of some of the responses: “a ‘-1’ button in the search result, so I […]

Now 1st in Google for “Las Vegas SEO”

Good ole Google surprises me sometimes. I woke today to see this site now ranked #1 for “las vegas seo” and higher for a few other competitive keywords I had been building a core for a while ago. Not sure what has really happened with Google. I’m assuming they are tinkering around with another panda-esque […]

Is a website with a few pages worth more for SEO versus a lot of pages?

Is a simple, one page website better than a complicated, multi-paged website with lots-a content? The short answer is to always…always appeal first and foremost to your audience. If your service or products is best described with multiple web pages or expanded marketing copy then BY ALL MEANS, make your website a multi-tiered, multi-paged website. […]

SEO: Online Reputation Management Tip

Online Reputation Management Tip – Your Search Engine Optimization Tip of the Day Many businesses have no doubt come across the problem of having their names, products or services talked about online in an unflattering manner. There’s the usual list of items someone can try in order to remove negative comments which include responding to […]

Google Rolls Back PR Update, Google Now PR 10 Again

A few weeks ago, Google updated their PR (Page Rank) and many of my sites were affected. Several Page Rank of my sites and my client sites were changed, many of those changes left me scratching my head. “How can an authoritative, established and well respected, highly linked site that was a PR of 5 […]

How Creating My Own SEO/Portfolio Blog Made Me Successful

How Creating My Own SEO/Portfolio Blog Made Me Successful This isn’t necessarily a “How-To” but this article does include some solid points to keep in mind for promoting yourself to get more clients, a better job or to connect with other like minded people in the SEO field. My particular journey started about a year […]

My portfolio speaks for itself. With two INC 500 companies and the #1 rated nightclub in the world as clients, there are few that can rival the success in SEO I have had. Ask me about why I am considered one of the best las vegas seo experts, orlando seo and los angeles seo experts .
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