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Capturing Salesforce (web-to-lead) Leads with PHP

How do you email a salesforce lead upon web-to-lead creation? One of my clients asked for the ability to email Salesforce leads at the time of lead creation from a form on our website. This sounded simple, but I discovered was far from it. Salesforce has the capability for generating leads from an online form […]

Happy Holidays!!

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year This year has brought a lot of happiness and fulfillment. I hope everyone best memories of their past are the worst of their future. A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all my friends and family

Does Google Use Twitter or Facebook to Help Rank a Site?

Got something cool to tweet? Think it might end up on Google? A new video from Matt Cutts at Google features a question asking whether now Google uses Twitter and Facebook information to assist in ranking a website. Matt Cutts recently addressed this same issue last April when he stated Google does not factor in […]

New SEO Business Cards

My new SEO & SEM business cards Just thought I would show off the business cards I just ordered from tonight. I spent the greater part of the day working on the design and uploaded the pdfs this evening to Moo’s website. Not a bad effort really considering the amount of time (less than […]

Destroying the SEO Myth: SEO is NOT Just Marketing

Educating the masses about what SEO really is So, I came across this pic today: I’m not really sure where it originated from but I saw it on a popular web design forum I frequent where the poster used the pic during a conversation about social media jobs. I know (or at least hope) that […]

Just What Exactly Is Reverse SEO?

No, it’s not OES. What is Reverse SEO? I hear this term thrown…loosely, around all the time by both experts and novices alike. Some argument is expected on its exact definition but for the most part reverse SEO is taking either your own site or other sites down the ranking ladder. Got a website that […]

First Impressions With the RockMelt Browser

How Does the RockMelt Browser Stack Up? I got my hands on a RockMelt invite today and did a quick download and install. All my FireFox history and bookmarks were copied over as well. The entire process was quick and easy. Upon opening RockMelt I instantly liked the layout. There’s a quick guided tour via […]

Search Engine Optimization Pricing Guide

SEO Pricing for SEO Consultants and Prospective Buyers SEO gets a bad reputation and for good reason. There are tons of so called “experts” who spam the internet with email, Tweets, comments, forum posts and other solicitations with guarantees of getting websites to the top of search engines. If I had a nickle for every […]

Blekko and What the New Search Engine Means for SEO

Blekko “Slashes” Its Way Onto the Search Engine Scene Blekko is a newly launched, but still in beta, search engine project whose aim is to eliminate spam by adding a human element to how searches are done. “Today is the first step in a process of building a volunteer army at Blekko that will […]

Memphis Tigers 2010 Basketball Player Wallpapers

Class of 2010 – 2011 Memphis Tigers Basketball Team Wallpapers Here are some brand new stylish wallpapers featuring members of the men’s basketball team from the University of Memphis. Click on each to see the large versions. More coming soon…

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