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New Redesign and SEO Podcast Launching Soon

A new design for my SEO blog is close to being finalized and with it will come some high quality, 4k videos discussing topical SEO items, SEO in the news, videos discussing case studies, SEO testing and videos debunking much of the just bad SEO advice and confusion about SEO in general I see everyday on platforms like Facebook, Reddit, Twitter and in my day-to-day efforts with clients.

Be sure to check in next month (October) when I launch the redesign. Until then, if you are interested in getting your site to the top of Google and want to get advice from an actual expert in the field and someone that actually ranks for several competitive terms in Google like “las vegas seo expert” and “”vegas search engine optimization expert” feel free to shoot me an email or give my office a call.

My portfolio speaks for itself. With two INC 500 companies and the #1 rated nightclub in the world as clients, there are few that can rival the success in SEO I have had. Ask me about why I am considered one of the best las vegas seo experts, orlando seo and los angeles seo experts .
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