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How does being #1 for a major city for “SEO” related keyword phrases like “las vegas seo” or “los angeles search engine optimization” actually benefit a SEO consultant or agency’s website?

Hello all. Been a while. Things have obviously been exceedingly busy. When I last posted on my super niche, personal blog it was back in the early Panda/Penguin and Hummingbird days of SEO. I was top 5 in Las Vegas for most “SEO” related terms as well as top 10 in Los Angeles, Orlando and Boca Raton. Within a year of leaving I was #1 in all of Las Vegas and Henderson for “seo” itself. A lot has changed and a lot…hasn’t.

I stepped away from my personal blog for a few reasons, first and foremost was that word of mouth had made me one of the most well respected and busy SEOs in Vegas. I was SEO Director for Spearmint Rhino Las Vegas, the #1 Gentlemen’s Club in all of Vegas and was Web Marketing Director for an INC 500 company as well as one of the biggest anti-malware companies in the world. Too busy to really maintain this blog.

In hindsight I should have at least maintained this blog, posting at least once a month, however it’s probably best to take this opportunity to tell of what I came to learn from being #1 in all of Vegas for “SEO”.

What’s it like being #1 in all of Vegas for “SEO”?

It was short of a nightmare. While a lot of the organic traffic I received was obviously very highly qualified, bringing me in theory the highest qualified traffic available, the actual visitors I received were anything but what I would actually describe as relevant.

Most of site’s comments and the emails I received were from web developers, web designers and other SEOs wanting to “partner up” or asking if I could “outsource” any SEO clients I didn’t want or have time to take. My phone line, which was forwarded at the time to a Google number, was rife with solicitations from near non-English speakers asking if I needed SEO services or other marketing related services. Yep, you heard that right, the majority of phone calls I received were from other SEOs asking if I needed SEO services. I get that a lot of that was from SEO related tactics using Xrumer, Scrapebox, GSA SER and was just automated but it was still ridiculous to watch happen to me.

I ended up banning all IPs from the Russia block of countries, all of India and much of China. The rest of the emails, phone calls and comments were generally from business owners that asked for a full range of SEO-related services but could only had on average about $500 for a budget. Not a month, total. Hours spent each week rummaging through those crap emails, voice messages and comments led to my leaving the site.

Within a year Google had cracked down on a lot of “non-natural” links and I consequently felt the sting of Panda, Penguin and HummingBird. Those updates eliminated thousands and thousands of back links I built and without adding more links (natural or not) or new, relevant content this website slowly but surely left the top 10 for most of the targeted keywords I had been focusing on.

I was still writing content for other clients’ websites though and my knowledge and expertise has continued to grow and expand over these last 5 or 6 years. I work on some very very high profile, extremely competitive and busy websites. I’ve seen firsthand how Google has continued to mature and update their algo. My personal blog has sat idle all this time, collecting dust but surprisingly, not dying.

The more Google has updated their algorithm over these past couple of years the more this blog has begun performing better. Google’s strive to focus on showing content that is E-A-T (or expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness) has had a pretty remarkable impact on this blog. Coupled with what I believe to have been rollbacks of some pretty old Google updates I believe this website can rank in the range for targeted keyword phrases it once did.

I’ll explore what that means and look at some evidence to point to in future posts but this blog is a prime example and offers some fairly strong evidence for what exactly Google is looking at today for website relevance and what ranking factors they are apparently focusing on. I’ll be running tests throughout the next few months and using CORA SEO Software to help out paint a better picture. I’ll make my results public and create posts for each test.

Thanks and I look forward to bringing light into the dark abyss that has been Google algo updates.

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