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What to Look for When Buying A Website or Domain for SEO

So, let’s say you are in the market for a new website, domain, or maybe you have a client that wants SEO for his business and sells a type of product or service that would benefit from a keyword rich domain name. Whatever the reason, it’s usually a very very good idea first to go looking around the internet to see if any domains already exist that might be for sell or have recently been dropped or expired.

So, what’s the real benefit?

What are the benefits of purchasing an existing domain over a brand spanking new one from hosting companies like NameCheap of HostGator? History and authority. Two main factors Google looks at when ranking a website is how long the website has been around and the back links to it from other sites. The longer a website is around, the more potential it has for having other sites reference the site and link back to it…in theory, anyway. That’s why I typically look for an existing domain that is about to expire, has already expired or is for sell. If the site is indexed in Google, then oftentimes it is a better canvas from which to start than a blank one.

Where can I find a domain to buy?

Places like Ebay, Sedo and Flippa are known quantities for finding quality domains at decent prices. While the prices can escalate quickly when bidding on a top quality domain, there are oftentimes lots of domains for sell that offer very good value.

So, what do you look for when buying a domain?

The short list is:

  • Age of the site
  • How many links from other sites point to the domain
  • What kind of traffic does the site get?
  • Page Rank of the website

The above are just a sampling of what to look for but it is a fair amount of the overall value of a domain. Some of the items above may not matter much or represent a very small portion of the value of the domain, while others may be the very thing that can immediately make a huge impact to you as far as rankings go. The best way to know for sure is to ask an SEO consultant, but most times you can’t go wrong with buying an existing keyword rich domain. Be sure though, to check out the site’s history to make sure the previous owner hasn’t abused the domain in anyway (i.e. posting porn pics on the website).

If you haven’t located a good domain then you can always register a new one. It’s relatively straight forward to do. Pick whatever your main keyword phrase is and register a domain with that keyword phrase in it. This won’t apply to all businesses, however, but if you can…do it. A keyword rich domain is a very BIG step in the right direction towards ranking well for that keyword. So, if you’re main product that you sell are “red widgets”, then it would be a good idea to register or find an existing domain with the keywords “red widgets” in it. An example or two you ask? Certainly: “”, “bestredwidgets”, “”, “” are all really good examples. The key, of course, if finding a domain that isn’t already owned or being squatted on by someone else.

Good luck and feel free to leave some comments if you have anything to add.

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