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Cutts Asks What Cool Features Google Should Add In 2012. I Answer.

Mr. Cutts over at the Goog posted a thread on his blog asking people to chime in on what features or changes they would like to see in the new year from Google. Read his blog post here. Here’s a sampling of some of the responses:

  • “a ‘-1’ button in the search result, so I can penalize pages I don’t want to see.”
  • “a “search by date” and “search newest” options to be expanded to the main search page.”
  • “showing results from inputting multiple domains or links and then having my search results limited to results appearing with those domains in common or as the base of my search.” (This would be an excellent time to implement a Twitter-esque hashtag/slash system like blekko).
  • “the ability to see speech input across more Google Web services, starting with Google+.”
  • “Incorporate Wayback Machine-like functionality into Google Search.”
  • “as a user I would like to see spam-free SERPs. That’s all.” (wouldn’t we all 🙂 )

My list of Google Features for 2012

and my own recs would be:

  • Adding the ability to turn off personal search results without resorting to flushing cache and cookies or logging out of Google
  • More intuitive searches that clearly separate textual searches from image, video and audio. (If i’m searching for “pepsi logo” it is fairly obvious that I only want to view pepsi logos. Google should automatically switch to “Image” results.)
  • Index text in graphics.(Something Google has been working on for a while now.)
  • The ability to search by regular expressions or plain HTML would be really nice.
  • A complete revamp of the “Shopping results for…”
  • Some way to natively see search results from different geographical regions (aka data centers) in the US
  • Image upload search. I’d like to be able to upload a pic and have Google provide results.
  • More relationship results. If I input “HP Touchpad” into Google instead of having the first 4 results show up that are HP’s own ads I would like to see links to the TouchPad’s OS, hardware specs, availability, etc.

I’m sure Google has quite the list of items it’s working on for the upcoming year. Rest assured that first and foremost is the continuation to protect authority and minimize if not eliminate spam and duplicate content. With the Panda updates Google has done a tremendous job of increasing the average relevancy and authority of a Google search this year. I’m looking forward to seeing what Google has up its sleeve for 2012.

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