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Is a website with a few pages worth more for SEO versus a lot of pages?

Is a simple, one page website better than a complicated, multi-paged website with lots-a content?

The short answer is to always…always appeal first and foremost to your audience. If your service or products is best described with multiple web pages or expanded marketing copy then BY ALL MEANS, make your website a multi-tiered, multi-paged website.

Sometimes a shorter, more concise website is better. If your business is best suited for a one or two paged website, say one that if dedicated to operating hours of your dry cleaner service, then a multi-paged website doesn’t really make sense.

But, what about for SEO?

So, you have a dry cleaners service in some city and you want to get the word out about your specials? Your question is “Is a one page website going to be better than a multi-paged website for capturing the top rankings for my keyword phrases?

Well, that’s a good question. The answer is…yes, a one page website would be fine for your business. Why? Because you are most interested in telling your visitors about your business and a multi-paged, multi-tiered website does NOT do you the best service. You have to ask yourself: “Do I really have enough content for more than one or two pages on my website?. The answer, is typically no…and i’ve worked on too many of these types of website to count.

From a strictly SEO perspective, a one-page website, for two, three, four or even eight keywords will work ABSOLUTLEY FINE for rankings. The key is to always build a website for your customers and NEVER for Google. I always try to condense as much as possible, a client’s website so there are as few clicks as possible between the entry point of website and the information a visitor is searching for.

As few clicks as possible

Let me say that again…ALWAYS build a website with the purpose of offering as FEW CLICKS as possible between the entry point of a website and the potential information a visitor needs. So few websites actually follow this strategy. It’s more UX design and user retention than true SEO but often times, useability and effenciency trump pure SEO.

So, if you think you need 10 pages to describe your company’s product or service, my advice to you is to reassess your website and consolidate your site, if needed. Most of the websites I have worked on have about 50% too much “fluff”, which, while increases the potential for traffic from longer tail keywords, has an overwhelming potential of diluting the value of the core keyword phrases.

If ranking at the top of Google for a few keywords is your ultimate goal, then a simple, consolidated website, with concentrated content is a great starting point.

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