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Got Your Website Ranked Highly? How Do You Stay There?

How to makes sure your website stays ranked highly after the SEO you’ve done

We’ve all been there…or at least I have, numerous times before. You manage to get a website ranked top three in Google for a competitive keyword only to lose that coveted spot for one reason or another. Some times you scratch your head in wonderment, trying desperately to figure out why your site dropped like a rock in the rankings. Sometimes it’s easy to tell what happened. For whatever reason it happened, how do you prevent your website from dropping?

Knowing is half the battle

Knowing the various reasons why a site can take a nose dive in search engines is the most important part of the Google game. Some deviation is normal, especially for newer websites. It’s not uncommon for a website to lose its rankings for a competitive SEO keyword only to have it return shortly. This is affectionalty refered to as the Google Dance. It’s only an issue if it happens constantly or if your website drops in rankings and doesn’t return promptly (a few days at most) or at all.

So, don’t panic if your website dissapears for a few days, especially if you’ve recently made some modest or major changes or additions to your website. It’s important to stay abreast as to what is going on over at Google. Recently Google launched globally its “Panda” or “Farmer” update. This update had quite a big effect on millions of websites. Failing to make yourself aware of changes will ultimately lead to panic and confusion. Tap into your frequented SEO forums and keep track of what others are experiencing. Always research what others are seeing happen and what they are doing, if anything, to help get their rankings back.

Ok, so how do I prevent a site from dropping in rankings?

This is, unfortunately, not an easy questions to answer. There is no way to guarantee that your website will not lose rankings for your valued and competitive keyword terms. There are things to do and criteria that can be met that can go an extremely long way to ensuring your website won’t drop. Here are some tips:

Make sure your domain is old…older the better

Ok, so maybe you can’t make your domain age older but the longer your website is alive and kicking the less likely it will be to drop for keywords and the less you’ll see flucuations.

Keep adding new, fresh content.

I’ve proven this time and time again on my own websites. You stand a better chance of having your rankings keep their rankings and normalize for new keywords if you keep adding new, fresh content on a regular basis.

Keep building quality back links.

Yes, this is really a no brainer. More back links and more links added on a continual basis mean better rankings and keeping those rankings that you already have. Quality back links mean links on higher PR sites or sites lacking a content or spam footprint. Social media and Web 2.0 back links are great examples of sites you could be focusing on building links for.

Don’t change too much on your site and if you do make changes make sure they rolled out in phases.

Everyone makes changes to a website and for numerous various reasons. There’s nothing wrong either with mixing up your site a bit from time to time. It’s often crucial to move elements around to attempt to raise visitor retention and conversions. However, the more you can break down the changes to be made in steps and perform those changes slowly, the better.

Keep track of your competition.

If you happen to just lose one or two spots in Google for a competitive keyword, make sure you look at those sites that now rank higher than you do and examine if maybe they have done anything new to affect their rankings.

Keep your outbound links to a minimum and always keep track of your internal links.

You might have four outbound links to other sites on your main keyword rich page and you are ranking very well for a keyword. One day you accidentally add another outbound link, without thinking, and BOOM your website dives in Google. It happens and even after you remove the outbound link it could still take a while for your rankings to improve and get back to where they once were. Also, keeping track of your inbound links is a great way of keeping tabs on your rankings too. If you have 5000 back links on average for weeks or months and then one day you only have 1000, that may be a good indicator that your site has either dropped in rankings for your SEO keywords or is about it.

These tips should go a long way to helping you keep your rankings. If you have any other tips you feel should be added here feel free to add your comment below or email me directly. Good luck and keep working at SEO.

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