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Does Google Use Twitter or Facebook to Help Rank a Site?

Got something cool to tweet? Think it might end up on Google?

A new video from Matt Cutts at Google features a question asking whether now Google uses Twitter and Facebook information to assist in ranking a website. Matt Cutts recently addressed this same issue last April when he stated Google does not factor in Twitter and Facebook tweets and posts. However, now in December it appears that Google does indeed use some information from posts and tweets to make up search results.

What Does This Mean For SEO?

From the video it would seem that Google is mainly using Twitter and Facebook to assist in it’s real-time search results. However, Cutts did state that Google was working on using Twitter and Facebook information in its normal searches. Though, it would seem from Cutts’ response that Google is in the process of figuring out how Twitter and Facebook will figure in to normal SERPS.

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