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Just What Exactly Is Reverse SEO?

No, it’s not OES. What is Reverse SEO?

I hear this term thrown…loosely, around all the time by both experts and novices alike. Some argument is expected on its exact definition but for the most part reverse SEO is taking either your own site or other sites down the ranking ladder.

Got a website that you just can’t quite seem to get to the #1 ranking in Google with? One site is outdoing your site and you just can’t overtake them? Well, reverse SEO is a label slapped on the tactics one can do in order to get your site to rank higher by getting your competitor to rank lower then they currently do.

And Just How Do You Get Your Competitors To Rank Lower?

While it is true there are a few tactics one can take to help competitors rank lower then they currently do, I for one do NOT subscribe to such tactics. I will not support such unethical practices. For those who may doubt my expertise on the matter, I have played around with many various supposed tactics to reverse SEO sites.

Can You Give Me a Hint About Some Tactics to Reverse SEO a Site?

It’s not a hard concept to grasp, really. Some of the same tactics one can take to help a site rank highly can just as readily help to get it to rank lower. The key is knowing what factors Google uses to rank sites highly. For example, one could do research into what back links have helped a site rank highly and saturate those links with other links to devalue the site’s back links. Most people who are familiar with SEO know that the more outbound links on a page the less “link juice” they have.

A lot of people mistake reverse SEO for online reputation management. If someone is saying something negative about you or your company then online reputation management consists of tactics you take to get the negative comments removed or suppressed.

That’s all i’m going to say on this subject. I can discuss this further with colleagues. Feel free to leave comments below or send me, Steffan a direct email.

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