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What is Dynamic SEO

This will be just a short write-up on a trend that has been growing over the last few months. Though not a well known term, “dynamic SEO” will surely be gaining both popularity and relevance in the future.

What is Dynamic SEO?

Dynamic search engine optimization is the process of altering site meta data and content for better optimization for searches.

What does that mean? Well, everyone has seen dynamic SEO in action. Anytime you’ve seen a Tag cloud or popular tags on a blog you have been a witness to dynamic SEO. It basically represents the reorganizing of content on a site to better tell visitors and search engines what the site is about.

Another way some are performing dynamic SEO is by using keywords people have used to find the site to alter site content so that the content is better optimized for visitors and search engines.

How about an example?

As an example, let’s take a website that has numerous articles on “widgets”. On this particular site are pages about five types of widgets: “big widgets”, “blue widgets”, “red widgets”, “small widgets” and “weird widgets”. Let’s say the content on the home page, meta tags and navigation structure for the pages are all ordered alphabetically. So, the first nav item in the header and article on the home page will be “big widgets”, followed by “blue widgets”, etc. The description tag and keyword tags in the HTML are also ordered alphabetically.

Let’s say though that the most popular or searched type of widget happens to be “red widgets”. Dynamic SEO is then the process of programatically changing the META tags, navigation items and content to reflect the popularity of “widgets” based on what is searched on most, those keywords that are used the most from visitors.

Since, in our example, “red widgets” are the most popular, we would have code on our site that would update our site so “red widgets” is first in Description, Keywords, nav, content and other areas.

If you had several articles on widgets on the home page, the one most relevant to “red widgets” would show first. This type of “dynamic” coding for a site is a cumulative measurement of popularity from search engine searches. Google, Yahoo and Bing would index the version of the website that features the most popular keyword.

We aren’t finished yet, though. Let’s say a visitor finds the site after doing a search for “weird widgets”. Well, then the website could also dynamically show the “weird widgets” navigation item first as well as the “weird widgets” article at the top of the home page.

Dynamic SEO is all about showing the most relevant content to a visitor first, prominently and letting search engines index the most popular version of the content for a website based on the most popular searches.

Isn’t this black hat SEO?

No, it isn’t. It’s actually the opposite and is in line with exactly what Google wants from a site. Dynamic SEO is structuring a website so it is as relevant as possible to both visitors and search engines. Lots of sites use dynamic SEO in some fashion whether it be tag clouds or most popular posts.

Is Dynamic SEO important for helping a site rank well?

Utilizing it can only help a website rank better for more popular keywords. In turn, utilizing dynamic SEO can only help to increase relevant traffic to a site. If, however a site is not getting enough traffic from searches on keywords the owner is most interested in then the responsibility falls on the site owner to assess the structure and content on the site and make changes to try to increase rankings for the intended keyword.

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