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Destroying the Expert in SEO Myth

Dispelling the “Expert in SEO” Myth

We’ve all seen them, emails and websites proclaiming that the sender/owner is an expert in SEO. Overwhelmingly, many of those supposed “experts” come from India, Pakistan or some other country. Or, maybe you’ve been to conventions or trade shows and met representatives of some American based company that presents some slick marketing materials to you claiming they are an established SEO company with a solid, proven track record of getting their clients to the top of Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Many of these “experts” have sophisticated “processes” for getting your site to the top of search engines. You might hear from these experts such keywords as “link popularity”, “siloing”, “keyword analysis”, “directory and article submissions”, “canonicalization” or “organic ranking”. They might have slick graphics showing how their proven process can get you to the top of the search engines and quickly.

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I’m here to help set the record straight about SEO and so called “experts”. I’m here to tell ya that the real experts in SEO aren’t spending their time trying to sell you on their services. They don’t have slick marketing material. They don’t email solicitations about their services. They don’t visit websites, blogs and forums to contact owners or tell users about their great, elite or fantastic service.

The real experts in SEO are quietly, secretly, making money for themselves taking advantage of what they have learned for themselves. They are making money, a lot of money getting their own websites to the top of Google, Yahoo and Bing for highly competitive keywords.

I know several individuals that I would consider to be true “experts” in SEO. Some have jobs as corporate consultants and others have their own companies and websites but all of them…all of them make money doing for themselves. They do for themselves what so-called “SEO experts” claim to be able to do for others.

The real SEO experts are also adept at other forms of marketing. They are experts in affiliate networks, analytics, design and development. The real SEO experts are experts in ROI and conversion. They know about visitor retention, email and newsletter marketing, social media promotion and even traditional print advertising. The real SEO experts are experts in design aesthetics, can write and manage their own web applications and understand the whole affiliate network, PPC game.

I’m not trying to say that everyone who works for a company isn’t a true expert in SEO. There are many companies who truly benefit from having a dedicated SEO expert in house. Real experts in SEO are literally worth their weight in gold for the very fact that these true experts can easily make a lot of money for themselves. So, they are usually paid accordingly.

I guess by posting this I’m calling myself out for not being a true SEO expert since I offer free advice and opinions on SEO related stuff on this site and on Twitter and Facebook. Perhaps! I’m still learning and I foresee that in the near future I will become quiet myself. 🙂

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