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Is It Harder to Rank a New Keyword Higher on a Page or on a Domain

From the SEO files: Is it easier to rank a subpage of a domain highly in Google versus the domain’s home page?

All things being equal, let’s say two separate marketers started two websites at the same time:

One created –
and the other created –

Which one has the better potential of ranking higher for “bulk blue widgets”? All things being equal, with each site having similar content and keyword density, has the advantage.

It’s possible to take established, highly ranked domains and create new sections/pages and have the home page and even sub pages pass value to the new section quickly.

If you already have an established website it obviously makes more sense to create a new page or section to promote your new product or service, rather than create a new domain.

If you are in a competitive market and are thinking of adding a new product, like in our “bulk blue widgets” example, adding a section to an existing website is recommended.

Got any experiences and want to weigh in on them? Please feel free to comment or send Steffan an email.

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