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Yahoo Giving Infamous “Linkdomain” Command the Axe

Yahoo’s Infamous “Linkdomain” Command Going the Way of the DoDo

A deal signed last year with Microsoft is giving all of Yahoo’s searches over to the Bing search engine. It appears that the popular back link checking function “linkdomain:” has been disabled in Yahoo searches. It’s likely gone for good.

dodo linkdomain bird extinction

What is “linkdomain:”? For those who haven’t used the command before, all “linkdomain” does is list pages that link to a domain. It, along with the “link” command have been invaluable tools to web marketing and seo experts for many years. Using these commands is a great way of finding out what other sites are saying about a specific site.

While there are other ways to get back link information, using the “linkdomain” method was the simplest and easiest for most people. I use varied tools for finding back link info but have also used Yahoo’s “linkdomain” command daily and will continue to do so until it fully disappears.

While the command is currently working for me out here in Vegas, many are reporting that in different parts of the country the “linkdomain” command is gone. My guess is Yahoo is not finished rolling out the change across all data centers yet but that “linkdomain” will likely be gone completely relatively shortly.

We are witnessing the end of an era. Yahoo will soon become Bing and we will be left with two major players in the search engine market.

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