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How to Get a New Site Indexed in Google, Quickly!

So, you have a site and are waiting for Google to see your website so others can too? I’ve had clients come to me with websites they have had “live” for months but still hadn’t been indexed in Google’s Search.

What do I mean by having your website “indexed” in Google? It’s pretty simple! If you launch a new website, forum, blog, etc and try to do a search in Google for your site either by URL or name and you see it in the search engine results, like in the pic below, then you have effectively had your website indexed.

indexing a website in google

The first step is pretty direct. Google, MSN and Bing all have a webpage where you can submit your new site. All you simply have to do is do a search in each respective search engine for something like “submit URL” and the appropriate link should be returned. Just use the page to submit your website.

What else can you do? If you have a blog or participate on forums or other websites regularly then you have an option to add a link to your website in the signature section. You can also post a thread about your new site or create a blog entry about it.

Are you involved in any social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Gowalla, Foursquare, LinkedIn or Delicious? Awesome! Then you can tweet, or post a link to your website. Not only will it help get your website indexed faster, it will also help get the word out to others about your website.

Want to do more? No problem! If you aren’t familiar with sites like Digg, Reddit, Squidoo, LiveJournal, EZine, or BlogSpot you might want to do a bit of reading up on them. Submitting your website directly to those sites and creating articles on them will assist in getting your website indexed in major search engines.

Why do the above steps work to help get your website indexed? Because search engines, like Google, love social networks. They also place a lot of value in sites like Squidoo, big forums, EZine, Digg and others. Telling these sites…and others about your website is also getting the word out in a very efficient way to search engines. It creates a better opportunity for them to see your site and index it quicker.

There’s more you can do too. If you have tried many of the items listed above and still haven’t gotten your website or particular sections/pages on your website indexed in search engines then feel free to send me an email Steffan and I’ll be glad to help.

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