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Best Practices for Ranking Images Highly in Google

Here’s Some Tips to Help You Out With Getting Those Images Ranked Highly in Google

Got a great site and it’s ranked highly for competitive keywords? Great! What if your site has many very important images that could help your business or site if they were ranked highly in Google for your keywords? Would that be something you might be interested in?

Since Google doesn’t exactly see images like we see them, it can be difficult to get images to rank well for. I have had a few clients come to me with this issue. They rank highly in Google for their most important keywords but images that are on their sites are no where to be seen. Google relies on a number of factors to determine the importance, or relevance, of an image. Among them are:

  • Alt tag text
  • Name of the image
  • Page text
  • Page title
  • Links on the page

The Alt text is the text that displays when you mouse over an image. It looks like this in HTML:

img src=”imagename.jpg” alt=”some description here”

Using descriptive keywords in the “alt” text of an image and excluded common words like “of” or “the” can help with boosting the ranking of an image.

Having a very descriptive and relevant name to your image is also a good tip. Try to make the image name as descriptive as possible. The image below is a good example. You see a picture of a luxurious hotel. A good name for this image is something like “bellagio-hotel-las-vegas.jpg”. As you can see the words “in” and “the” have been eliminated. This is a much better name selection than “pic1.jpg”.

It’s a good idea also to place relevant text surrounding your image. I commonly see many portfolio pages with nothing but images. A better solution would be to categorize images, if possible, and add descriptive paragraphs, title, captions, etc where appropriate.

I recently had a client come to me for help with ranking some of his images higher. He had a before and after gallery of photos. I saw a problem with the fact that his gallery contained all of his images on one page. While he did a good job of separating each category of images on the page he still had over a thousand images. We separated out the images into distinctive categories, creating several portfolio pages. Doing this helped increase the rankings of several of his images because moving the images for a specific category into a page with an appropriate title, keywords and content made those images look more relevant to Google.

Make sure your links are relevant. Instead of having internal links that point to your images that read “click here to see the pics”, make them read something more descriptive like “pictures of the famous bellagio resort in las vegas”. Make sure your URL links are as descriptive as possible. Instead of, make it so your page is something like

Images can bring a lot of value to your website. People are more inclined to click on an image than on a link. So, it can only be beneficial to have good, quality images on your website that help add to your visitor’s experience. Following the tips above you might really see an increase in rankings for your images. If you have done everything I recommended and still are having troubles, feel free to send me an email.

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